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Travel Log Photos

Helicopter on Silver Cloud Deck, Port McNeill, Canada
Happy Mom, Nepal
Three Wise Monkeys. Wood Carving, Japan
Lilac Breasted Roller, in Flight, Botswana
Sydney Harbour (Silver Cloud in Center of Image)
Milford Sound, New Zealand (Silver Cloud in Center)
Koala, Australia
Parrot, Australia
Waterfalls, Milford Sound, New Zealand
Gannet, New Zealand
Kayakers, Milford Sound, New Zealand
New Year's Eve, Sydney Bridge
New Year's Eve Sydney Opera House
Native Traders, Nuakata Island, Papua New Guinea
Festival Dance, Papua New Guinea
Male Dancers, Papua New Guinea
Japanese WWII Zero Underwater, Papua New Guinea
Kadai Dancers, Yap
Clark's Anemonefish - "Blue Sweater", Papua New Guinea
Emperor Angelfish, Bora Bora
Anemonefish, Papua New Guinea
False Clown Anemonefish, Papua New Guinea
Clark's Anemonefish, French Polynesia
Pair of Bannerfish, Fiji
Sixteen Foot Tiger Shark, Fiji
Bluespotted Fantail Ray, Bora Bora
Moray Eel, Fiji
Sharks Under Wing of PBY Catalina Airplane Wreck, Papua New Guinea
Butterfly Fish, Bora Bora
Fire Urchin with Baby Shrimp, Papua New Guinea
Scorpionfish, Papua New Guinea
Sickle Fin Lemon Shark, Papua New Guinea
Giant Clam, Papua New Guinea
Lionfish, Papua New Guinea
Humpback Whale with Baby and Remoras, Fiji
Hawksbill Turtle, Bahamas
Christmas Tree Worms, Fiji
Christmas Tree Worms on Porites Coral, Fiji
Manta Ray, Fiji
Manta Ray, French Polynesia
Polite Sea Lion, Antarctica
Locksmith, France
Queen Angelfish, Saba
Blue-eyed Boy, Walker's Cay, Bahamas
Giant Spiny Lobster near Rhone Wreck, British Virgin Islands
Brown Booby, St Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Young Boy, Jamaica
Panama Canal Locks
Carnival Parade Float, Rio, Brazil
Over the Top Carnival Parade Float, Rio, Brazil
Young Couple, Rio, Brazil
Aerial View of Christ the Redeemer Statue with Rio in the Background
Silver Cloud at the "Meeting of the Waters" Amazon and Rio Negro Rivers
Home on Amazon River, Brazil
Iguana, Brazil
Tarantula, Brazil
False Coral Snake, Amazon River, Brazil
Blue-footed Booby, Galapagos
Olden Day's Post Office, Galapagos
Sea Lion and Pup, Galapagos
Sally Lightfoot Crab, Galapagos
Flamingos, Galapagos
Giant Tortoise, Galapagos
Galapagos Penguins
Male Frigatebird, Galapagos
Galapagos Iguana
Porpoises, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Breaching Whale, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Pelican, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Manta Ray, Isla Mujeres, Mexico
Whaleshark with Silver Cloud Crew Member, Cancun, Mexico
Rose, Portland, Oregon
The Red Dog Saloon, Juneau, Alaska (note sign)
Orca Pod, Inside Passage, Alaska
Brown Bear with Salmon, Alaska
Bumble Bee with Pollen on Red Flower, Butchart Gardens, Vancouver
Bumble Bee with Pollen on Pink Flower, Butchart Gardens, Vancouver
Bald Eagle, Dutch Harbor, Alaska
Bald Eagles Aboard Silver Cloud, Dutch Harbour, Alaska
Bald Eagles Aboard Silver Cloud, Dutch Harbour, Alaska
Bald Eagle on  Silver Cloud Mast Camera, Dutch Harbour, Alaska
Seals, Tracy Arm, Alaska
Koala, Australia
Hammerhead Shark, Bahamas
Seahorse, Riviera Beach, Florida
Eurocopter EC135 Helicopter Aboard Silver Cloud, Amazon River, Brazil
Silver Cloud Aerial View, off Palm Beach, Florida
Silver Cloud and Tender to Silver Cloud, Drone Photo, Frenchy, Polynesia
Seven Porpoise Enjoying Silver Cloud's Bow Pressure Wave, Drone Photo, near Gibraltar
Silver Cloud Dome Atop Mast Housing Thermal Imaging, B&W and Hi-res Color Cameras.
Side View Camera & IR Lights Below
Silver Cloud's Owners Desk in Stealth Observation Mode
(All windows covered in black plastic) 
Silver Cloud Deterrent Spray Nozzles (Note guards on aft bridge deck)
Silver Cloud's Ex-British Navy Seal Guards, HRA (High Risk Area) Horn of Africa, Indian Ocean 
Some of Silver Cloud's Guard Gear
Entrance to Silver Cloud's Citadel Hatch to Safe Area
Silver Cloud's Citadel Safe Area
Near Port Said, Suez Canal, the Ships Ahead of Silver Cloud
Oscar-World's Largest Container Ship, Suez Canal
Owner Photographing Manta Ray, French Polynesia
Anemone Fish, Maldives
Ports of Call
Silver Cloud's Circumnavigation Chart